Gen Z
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Do you know what's next?

Do you know how to open the door to where you want to go?
Do you feel aligned on the right track?
Do you want to do the work aligned with your degree?
Do you know how much your lifestyle costs?

Do you need a job, want a job, or need to upgrade your job – walking into career life and wondering where to begin? 


Have you been in the gig world? Have you been earning a paycheck while juggling school? 


Before we can think about “do what makes you happy” and “follow your passion”, we must eat and be safe, taking care of our basic needs… and it can all be overwhelming. There is very little time between student/young adult life and straight up adulting. 


There are masterful adults wondering how to afford life, what will make them happy, and looking for a community and network to fast-track their success,


I want to support, you! I want to support Gen Z, some of the brightest young adults entering the workforce, having faced some challenging times none of us have ever seen. You are resilient, smart, and competitive. I look forward to extending my understanding and sharing the wisdom offered to me over the last 20 years (and, most importantly, my most treasured asset: my network).


Starting out (or restarting) can be overwhelming and how well we commit to the process, pay attention, and seize opportunity largely determines success.

Three Parts:

Before step one – Brief 1:1 with me to see if we are a good fit. It is not a formal interview – simply a conversation about your goals!

Step One (Professional Inside): 

‘Culture Index’ assessment

Scenarios conversation 


Step Two (Professional Outside):

LinkedIn/social media


Network strategy 


Step Three (ACTION in community):

Zoom call once per month

click link to set UP A 1:1 today

...Door openers and wisdom sharers

Finance & Accounting



Real Estate

Beauty Industry




Senior Care 


Web Design

Social Media Marking


Business Broker


Skilled Nursing

CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)



Speech Pathology







Business Ownership

Marketing (Brand/ads/etc.)


Construction (interior/exterior)

Promotional Products


Labor Law


What inspired this?

After over 20 years of a relentless pursuit of professional bliss I have come to understand a few things. The highs and lows have been immense and I’m sure the occasional sleepless night will never end but what excites me is our opportunity to achieve still abounds.


Recently, our world has changed, and we need community that supports the road to self-reliance. My heart aches for the current societal trend of apathy towards simply getting ahead, safety, and trust. Our country was founded on principles proven to empower human beings and sometimes the solutions to a tremendous feeling of overwhelm are simple.

I AM an advocate for a thriving free market, organizations that help solve problems, and individuals full of purpose.

So many philosophies are being taught, so many concepts being adopted, and SO MANY issues to discuss; we must never minimize the human heart’s need for value, purpose, and presumed expectations of life, liberty, and ability to pursue happiness.


My hope is to create a place for young adults to find their track to run that uncovers opportunities, pours forth wisdom, and invigorates the desire for success in all areas of life.